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Strat John Mayer

Two totally different animals. Mayer: The Fat C is more like a Tele neck. Pretty subtle change from a regular C. The Big Dipper pickups are very scooped, vintage-sounding, and have a fat compressed attack to them. (Overwound V60s cop this sound very well, BTW) The lack of truss rod cover is ballsy and appealing, and the trem is not blocked. Eric Clapton The Soft V bugs me. I don’t like the feel personally, and Eric’s own personal guitar is a hard V, but this is a challenge to play, so Fender toned it down for the masses. :rolleyes: Maple fretboard vs. Rosewood. Vintage Noiseless pickups arepretty good but lack the sparkle of real strat pickups The Mid boost is the opposite of the Mayer sound and was requested by Clapton because he wanted his guitar to sound more like it had humbuckers. And that makes sense. . . because after all Clapton’s best work was on Gibson. Both great guitars, and both great guitarists IMO.