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John Mayer Neck

Anyone in Orange County, CA looking for a Fender Mayer Neck and Tuners for $300.00 Cash.  Neck IMO needs a fret dressing possibly, as FULL tone string bends on 17th and 18th frets “B” and “E” strings ONLY  Choke Out- plays perfectly otherwise.  Neck is straight with truss rod cranked to the right- I’ve had neck for 2-3 years now on below guitar with maybe 2-3 hours of play time – frets and neck look brand new still. No Shipments – Cash Only  for serious inquiries – Thanks!

If interested, completed guitar with JM neck is on a MIM Blizzard Pearl 60th Anniversary finish and Torres Engineering BukKut pickups, which are clones of Mayer’s Big Dippers, I think a little better- you can read more on their website- cost over $200.00 alone.  Total cost for guitar is $700.00 – no case.  Guitar is set-up with medium action and .10’s.  Guitar resonates as good as my Custom Shop, stays in tune forever and neck looks great on body color.