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John Mayer Fender

You’ll enjoy professional quality sound from a beautiful axe with the Fender Artist Series John Mayer Stratocaster Electric Guitar. The C-shaped maple neck sports a satin finish and African rosewood fretboard with big Dunlop 6105 frets for a super-comfortable, fast feel you can really dig into. Buffed headstock and vintage ’50s decal combine with 3-ply brown shell pickguard and vintage finishes for a fabulous look. Alder body sports an American vintage synchronized tremolo with five springs. The string tree is slightly closer to the nut, just the way John likes it.

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John Mayer Fender Black One

Fender John Mayer Black1 Limited Edition Custom Stratocaster.  This is a slightly used 2010 Fender Limited Edition “The Black One” John Mayer Black1 Stratocaster. Limited to 500 guitars worldwide!

Comes with original Fender Incase Custom Shop Gigbag!  This guitar is being produced by Fender as a limited edition run of 500!  This guitar is modeled after John Mayer’s famous “The Black One” Strat that he uses on stage.

Only 500 of these guitars were built!  This guitar has built up a ton of buzz, and available stock has quickly sold out within weeks of being released.These guitars have been very hard to find and only rarely pop up for sale.

This guitar has gently been played and is in fantastic condition.  Comes with all original case candy!

Comes with Custom Incase Hard Gigbag.  Guitar features gold hardware and gold neckplate, gold tuners with pearl tuner knobs, and the famous “Big Dipper” pickups.

John Mayer Fender Guitar

Grammy award winner John Mayer teamed with Fender® to create his must-have signature instrument. The John Mayer Stratocaster® guitar features an alder body, satin urethane-finished maple neck with a slightly larger C shape, 9.5″-radius African rosewood fingerboard with Dunlop® 6105 frets, and buffed headstock with vintage-style’50s decal and string tree placed slightly farther from the nut. Other features include three “Big Dipper” single-coil pickups with special scooped mid-range voicing wound to Mayer’s specs, American vintage synchronized tremolo with five springs and uninstalled back plate (included in case), and Fender/Gotoh® vintage-style tuners. Case included.

John Mayer Fender Signature

I own one of the limited edition John Mayer Strats that came out in 2007 ( 1/500 in unique Cypress Mica finish). It is a wonderful guitar. Nice fat, chunky neck. Really comfortable to my hands. The Tall Dunlop 6105 frets have become my favorite.

The pickups are really where this guitar shines. The Big Dippers are a very articulate set of single coils, but also offer that warmth that a lot of strats lack. It also has cloth wiring.The guitar can do it all. It can do blues to jazz, and even some rock with the right amp and effects. Also the Incase bag that it comes with is pretty awesome. It has the weight of a gig bag, but the durability and strength of a molded case. It also has all these compartments that you can pretty much stuff all your equipment in and go. Here is mine:

John Mayer Fender Stratocaster

Mayer’s super sleek, famous black guitar has been his “go-to” instrument for years. He has been able to rely on it through countless recording sessions and shows, and affectionately refers to it as the “Black1”. In collaboration with the artist, we are now offering limited quantities of these special guitars to the world (500 global), as John “implores everyone to make their own trouble on it”, beating it up through their own musical experiences . The John Mayer Special Edition Black1 Stratocaster includes similar specs to his existing model (same neck shape, pickups and electronics) with the addition of some further upgraded features like gold hardware and a model- exclusive, super- protective INCASE® gigbag (designed in collaboration with the artist) that can be customized using the included patches and modular accessory compartments.

John Mayer Fender Stratocaster Review

Fender`s Artist series contains a vast line of signature models, with John Mayer Stratocaster being one of them. this vintage-styled Strat has a price tag of $2,199 and ranks somewhere around the middle of the price range characteristic for this series. This one comes with a solid alder body and C-contoured maple neck. Body is flat, equipped with a classic tortoise shell pickguard and glossy finish over both the 3 Color Sunburst and Olympic White color options. Bridge is a vintage synchronized tremolo with chrome plating and string-through construction. Pickups are passive and they come in S/S/S configuration. Master volume, two tone knobs and five-position blade switch comprise the controls unit. Bolted neck is topped with a 21-fret rosewood fingerboard.

John Mayer Fender Stratocaster Signature


I wrote last week about my acquisition of the Richie Sambora Standard Signature Stratocaster. The question that came to my mind was: is it worth more than what a standard Stratocaster is, in terms of features and bang for the buck?

This week, I thought I’d look at a few of the signature Strats that Fender offers, compare them to Fender’s Standard Mexican Stratocaster, and see if we can decide this.

The guitar that will be the control for the experiment is the Standard Stratocaster, made in Mexico. Here’s the features of this axe, which is available almost anywhere. For the purposes of our comparison, I thought I might use the retail prices at Guitar Center. Here’s the control guitar, priced at