John Mayer Signature Strat

Just had a J.M. Signature strat for a while to try it out. Sure has some great things going for it, but as it was, not quite what I’m after tonally. Didn’t seem to have a traditional strat tone to it somehow… also, to me, there was no “magic” in the sound coming out of it… no chime in the frequencies of interest to my ears, I guess. Sounded just straight forward, nothing special. There is some magic to certain guitars and single coils… like I hear from Robben Ford’s favorite tele.
The body resonated well, great sustain, and sounded good unplugged, far as my limited knowledge goes.
Since the guitar was on approval from a store, I didn’t want to change the pickups out and see if that would do it for me. Has anyone changed out the pickups on one of these… and what were the results ?

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