John Mayer Signature Stratocaster Review

The Fender guitar company has teamed up with the Grammy Award winning recording artist, John Mayer, to release its latest new instrument. It has the classic Fender Strat styling blended with many new features, all designed by Mayer. Any proper John Mayer Stratocaster Review would need to give the JM Signature Model a lot of deserved admiration and praise. There is not a negative thing to say about this super guitar.

The JM Signature Model Stratocaster is a fantastic combination of traditional and modern specifications. The guitar takes elements from the 50s and 60s eras, like the vintage Fender bridge and tremolo bar. The tuning machines, maple neck, fingerboard and the head stock also reflect the traditional look.

However, the mechanics of this instrument are completely modernized. Three “Big Dipper” single coil pickups have been added which emphasize the bass and treble tonal ranges and soften the mid-range levels. This helps give the guitar the unique sound that Mayer is famous for.The depth of bass and the sharpness in the treble work great with many musical styles.

Additionally, it features a slightly larger 9.5 inch radius C-shape neck profile and includes the satin fast action back finish, and sports a signature decal on back of the guitar’s head stock. The setup is perfect for the virtually all guitarists. The strings are high enough to allow for extreme bending moves, yet still low enough accommodate intricate chording. Jumbo frets give a feel that makes it a joy to play. This is among the best factory set up guitars to come along in a long time.

This guitar can lend itself to a wide variety of musical preferences. Its clean smooth tones would easily work well with almost any rock, blues, country or jazz styles. This axe is one that most certainly has a sound of its own. The JM Strat’s control system, with five switches, really allows every guitarist a lot of versatility.

No John Mayer Stratocaster Review would be complete without saying that this is a beautiful guitar that any serious player would love to get their hands on.

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