Fender John Mayer Signature Strat

Firstly, I just love this guitar! So much so that I’ve already sold my American Deluxe Strat to help pay for it.

But the way it came from the retailer is not a good advert either for them or for Fender USA. As soon as I got back to the UK I dropped it off at a local luthier and paid GBP100 for a proper set-up. Had the frets dressed, the action lowered – but not too much, and the trem set up. Plays like a dream now.

The picture still doesn’t do it complete justice but is a step better than what’s on the web site. The body is more off-white than arctic (with a subtle hint of mint green within the white finish) and a slightly darker pickguard. Looks very retro. With the set-up and slightly-sanded neck it’s very easy to play. The modded pickups means that the neck and neck/middle positions are very smooth and mellow in sound. The bridge pick up seems to deliver a more ‘biting’ tone than a standard Strat.

I’m a big fan of John Mayer’s playing. How he does all that left hand muting, and syncopated playing, all at the same time as singing as well as he does, means that the man has got God-given talent. Just try playing the main riff and various licks from ‘Who Did You Think I Was’ off the John Mayer Trio album, whilst singing at the same time – and you’ll see what I mean.., The guy is an absolute star. The signature guitar – once set up – does him justice.


So if you’re gonna buy an expensive signature guitar you may still need to budget for a setup to get it exactly to your liking

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