John Mayer Signature


We are proud to introduce what we humbly consider to be another benchmark amplifier, designed and perfected in collaboration with John Mayer. John has been touring and recording with Two-Rock amps since early 2005, and it was only natural for us to join forces and build him an amp that would meet his specific needs. Based on our Custom Reverb Signature amp, the John Mayer Signature amp is 100 watt, single channel amp with incredible depth, bandwidth, and soundstage.

We have added elements of the Sterling Signature, Overdrive Signature, and Kimock Signature amps to produce pristine cleans with rich harmonics, as well as a sophisticated all tube spring reverb circuit, tuned to John’s ear. We’ve moved the gain and master controls to the far right side of the front panel, separate from the tone controls and reverb, to allow quick adjustment on the fly.A contour control has been added, allowing global fine tuning of overall output EQ. And we’ve finished each unit in gun metal gray carbon fiber covering, black cane grill cloth, and silver piping. Each amp is individually signed by John, and is shipped road-ready in a Calzone road case. Only 25 of these amps will be available.

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