John Mayer Strat Review

For my style of music (SRV, KNoplfer, Clapton, Hendrix, Mayer) this guitar is PERFECT! I currently Live in Dubai where we only have Yamaha Guitars and the low end Ibanez so I’ve previously only used High End Yamaha’s but I’ve borrowed many of my friends Gibsons and Strats they’ve brought overseas. I’ve finally managed to buy one in the US to bring back home. My previous guitars were an Ibanex RGX and a Yamha AES420 plus a Hand-Made Custon Acousitc GUitar. Everything I could ever want in a guitar I have in this Guitar. If it were stolen or I lost it I would immediately go and buy this exact same guitar. Overall, I love this guitar. I have a friend who’s been playing guitars for over 20 years and when he saw and played this guitar he also fell in love with it and has been trying to find one to buy. I love this Guitar. It’s perfect for blues and rock.

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