Mayer Stratocaster

Fender John Mayer Stratocaster

The Fender John Mayer Stratocaster does not lack in any detail that John himself required. Fender started with a select Alder body and joined it with a urethane-finished maple neck that allows for smooth quick hand movement. The neck is built with a larger C Shape which yields a firmer grip wherever you are playing on the fretboard. A non—standard African Rosewood compliments the maple neck and warms up the tone while adding a deeper, looser low end. Dunlop 6105 frets narrow jumbo frets increase the space between frets and allow for complex solo work. The headstock sports a 50’s style vintage decal and a a string tree that is placed slightly farther from the nut. The most notable addition are the three Big Dipper pickups that yield a scooped midrange and a vintage output. They were wound specifically to Mayer’s specs and tame the sometimes harsh upper mids of normal strat pickups. They also allow for out of phase pickup configurations that have less quack and a smoother sustain. The John Mayer Stratocaster has an American Vintage Synchronized tremolo with an uninstalled back plate for easy access to the five tremolo springs in the back. Discover all of the classic Mayer tones hidden within the Artist Series John Mayer Stratocaster, and while you are at it maybe create some of your own. Included is a padded Incase gig bag.

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