John Mayer Signature Guitar

The “Your Body Is A Wonderland” performer noted that he strongly feels that artist reps at instrument companies need to have the freedom and authority to experiment and work with artists, without being restrained, because of being obligated to answer to someone else at the company, stifling creativity, advancement and improvements when it comes to manufacturing instruments.

Mayer addressed Boak, saying, “You have the keys to the company. It’s really important for the artist reps to have the keys to the company.” He added, “That’s how great instruments are made, and great relationships are made with artists.”

The Martin 00-45SC John Mayer Edition’s top inlay typically circles around the tongue of the fingerboard extending toward the rosette. Its design also has pearl inlay edging along the sides of the fretboard, which extends directly with miter joints into the rosette. The inlay motif of the three-ring Style 45 rosette is perfectly patterned as a matching inlay on the higher surface of the fingerboard, offers the illusion of complete continuing circles.

The 1902 alternate “torch” design is featured on its headstock in blue paua.


Mayer explained of his intent in working with Martin to create the new custom signature guitar, “It fulfills the need, and sharing it with collectors.” He elaborated, “I do feel the guys over at Martin who build those guitars are artisans, and I know that it’s a tough world out there right now in terms of the economy, and people not getting their worth for what they do.” He praised of Martin’s attention placed on quality and detail, noting, “Even in the Twenties, there were still people that built very ornate, beautiful things, because that’s what artists do. So this guitar represents that dedication at all times to furthering artistry.”

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