John Mayer Guitar Fender

Fender recently reproduced John Mayer’s “The Black1” guitar in a limited quantity of 83 for sale.

The original Black1 was created in Fender’s custom shop for John Mayer in 2004. Inspired by the Fender’s Stevie Ray Vaughan Lenny tribute, John fell in love with the sound, which is attributed to the fact that the lacquer had stripped away from use.

John had his hand in the entire building of the guitar from start to finish, from sanding and painting, and had the staff that was assisting him in the build sign the inside of the guitar.

When it finally arrived to his New York apartment, John was initially disappointed with the sound. He went into desperate measures, clearing out his freezer and putting The Black1 inside overnight in hopes it would create something unique. Nothing happened until he opened it up and noticed a wire was not properly grounded. That unlocked the tone he was looking for.

I don’t have much of an ear, but I can only describe the sound of the black one as deep with a beautiful softness.


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