John Mayer Fender Signature

I own one of the limited edition John Mayer Strats that came out in 2007 ( 1/500 in unique Cypress Mica finish). It is a wonderful guitar. Nice fat, chunky neck. Really comfortable to my hands. The Tall Dunlop 6105 frets have become my favorite.

The pickups are really where this guitar shines. The Big Dippers are a very articulate set of single coils, but also offer that warmth that a lot of strats lack. It also has cloth wiring.The guitar can do it all. It can do blues to jazz, and even some rock with the right amp and effects. Also the Incase bag that it comes with is pretty awesome. It has the weight of a gig bag, but the durability and strength of a molded case. It also has all these compartments that you can pretty much stuff all your equipment in and go. Here is mine:

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