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John Mayer Guitar Tabs


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John Clayton Mayer was born October 16, 1977 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He was first influenced to pick up a John Mayer Guitar Tabs by Marty McFly in Back to the Future movie, after which he managed to convince his father to rent one for him. Around this same time, he received a tape of a u albums of Stevie Ray Vaughan, which attracted John’s attention more than anything he had heard before. He started taking the lessons from a local guitar-shop owner, Al Ferrante, and it soon became his primary focus. He stayed in his room for hours to practice and perfect his game, which even got to a point where his parents were worried about his health, and took him twice to see a psychiatrist.

At the age of 19, John attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, but left after two semesters form a group togeather with his friend Clay Cook, called LoFi Ma tres. Finally, due to some differences in the style of music, they split up, and Mayer decided to continue as a John Mayer Guitar Tabs solo artist.

John Mayer Strat Guitar


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JM Strat really allows me a lot of versatility and allows me to play vertually any style I want. From blues to country to even classic, it will do the job without any problems. I play since 2002, so yes I relitivly new guitar compared to some people, but in the last two years, I have gained a good amount of experiance with music and I do not know what I mean. Some of my other guitars are a John Mayer Strat Guitar.

I play mainly thanks to a Fender Bassman ’59 and I record thanks to a Digi 002 system. The John Mayer Stratocaster fair competition with all this and does so with ease. If it was lost or stolen, heads would roll quite quickly until I recovered. His guitar that I would expect to grow with me for the rest of my life. The only thing he can really be compared to the Artist Series is SRV Strat, but only similarities are the tuners, the frets and the fact that the microphones Big Dipper are variations of Texas Promotions but still has its own really his. The John Mayer Strat Guitar is a must have for all around all those who want the versatility and pure and unique J. Mayer.

John Mayer Guitar

14I was into John Mayer before he was big. I was into him when he was so small time he couldn’t even afford velvet bandanas. His guitar strings were old shoelaces. He was still a kid.

John Mayer Guitar has been widely available in 3-Tone Sunburst and Olympic White, although in small series, he has also been offered to Cypress Mica, frosted metallic charcoal, gold Shoreline, and Piano Black.

John Mayer Guitar has long been exhausted, but you can find them used on enough often.In over BLK1 produced by the line of US production Fender in 2010, the Fender Custom Shop has produced a limited series of 83 TBO who were made to look identical to the main stage guitar John, stripes and all, he helped build himself a few years before. They were all built by the master ma John is John Mayer Signature Strats Cruz.The neck is a “C” shape thicker than most, which helps to give your guitar a bigger and better support. The guitars also feature custom-spec John Mayer “Big Dipper” micros – that are exclusive to his guitar. The story goes that his signature on original SRV Strat pickups were would incorrectly, resulting in a “scooped” or lower midrange output.

John Mayer Guitar would look like an inverted bell-shaped, where the midrange dip down, hence the name “Big Dipper”. Although the microphones are not available separately from Fender, you can usually find them used on the Internet. at present, the best deal is this is loaded pickguard Big Dipper on Amazon, constructed from 100% genuine Fender parts.

John Mayer Guitar

The John Mayer Signature Strats may look similar to most other strats, but they do have some important differences. The neck is a more chunky “C” shape that most, which helps to give the guitar a fatter tone and better sustain. The guitars also boast John Mayer’s custom-spec “Big Dipper” pickups – which are exclusive to his guitar. The story goes that on his original SRV signature Strat, the pickups had been would incorrectly, resulting in a “scooped” (or lower) mid-range output. On an EQ curve, this would look like an inverted bell shape, where the mid-range frequencies dip down, hence the name “Big Dipper”.

There was quite a bit of controversy in 2010 as the Custom Shop worked on the 83 TBO models, as people wondered what kind of pickups were in THAT particular guitar. The spec sheet that came out only said “special pickups”, but after much pressure, Custom Shop marketing director Mike Eldred divulged that it too had Big Dipper spec pickups, only that they were wound by the Custom Shop.

John Mayer Guitar Amp

Rebecca Dirks is On Location at Tinley Park, IL, where she goes onstage and checks out John Mayer’s current live setup with the help of legendary guitar tech Rene Martinez (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince, Mick Jones).

In this segment, Rene walks us through John’s amps (Dumble Steel Stringer, Two-Rock John Mayer Signature, and Fender Bassman), his cabinets (Alessandro 2x12s with Celestions), his effects (including Eventide TimeFactor, a Boss GE-7 Equalizer, an Ibanez TS-10 Tube Screamer Classic, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III Beat-Synced Filter Effects Processor, a Korg Toneworks G4 Rotary Speaker Simulator, a Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive, a small Analog Man Comprossor, an original Marshall Bluesbreaker, a Keeley Electronics Katana Clean Boost, a MXR M-108 10-band EQ, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Groove Filter FX-Amp Modeling-Drum Box Processor, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn II Beat-Synched Filter Effects Processor, a Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay, and an additional Eventide TimeFactor), which is anchored by a custom Bob Bradshaw switching system and controller. Rene even shows off some of Mayer’s 40 guitars he currently has on tour.

John Mayer Guitar Fender

Fender recently reproduced John Mayer’s “The Black1” guitar in a limited quantity of 83 for sale.

The original Black1 was created in Fender’s custom shop for John Mayer in 2004. Inspired by the Fender’s Stevie Ray Vaughan Lenny tribute, John fell in love with the sound, which is attributed to the fact that the lacquer had stripped away from use.

John had his hand in the entire building of the guitar from start to finish, from sanding and painting, and had the staff that was assisting him in the build sign the inside of the guitar.

When it finally arrived to his New York apartment, John was initially disappointed with the sound. He went into desperate measures, clearing out his freezer and putting The Black1 inside overnight in hopes it would create something unique. Nothing happened until he opened it up and noticed a wire was not properly grounded. That unlocked the tone he was looking for.

I don’t have much of an ear, but I can only describe the sound of the black one as deep with a beautiful softness.


John Mayer Guitar Tone

John Mayer is somewhat of a phenom in recent years, riding his bluesy guitar playing to superstardom. Along the way, Mayer has put together some great songs and an enviable tone.

I’ll readily admit that I’m not a fan of some of his more contemporary songs, although I really like “Gravity” and “Waiting For the World to Change.”

Regardless of what you think of his music, there is no denying the man can play guitar. He’s got the feel of a much older and wiser bluesman, but carries off the role of heartthrob, too.

John Mayer Guitars

John Mayer. By Hannah Johnston/Getty Images.

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For good old-fashioned guitar shredding that’s loud enough to take the roof off Radio City Music Hall, look no further than Jim James of My Morning Jacket, who is faster on the frets than Neil Young but just as soulful in his approach. On the lighter side, Sweden’s José González picks complex acoustic patterns while singing smart lyrics that make Mayer sound like ‘NSync’s bluesy third cousin. But of all the guitar gods busting eardrums out there, Jack White has the true Midas touch, whether he’s playing with the White Stripes or the Raconteurs.

John Mayer Black Guitar


John Mayer Black1 Limited Edition Custom Stratocaster.  This is a slightly used 2010 Fender Limited Edition “The Black One” John Mayer Black1 Stratocaster. Limited to 500 guitars worldwide!

Comes with original Fender Incase Custom Shop Gigbag!  This guitar is being produced by Fender as a limited edition run of 500!  This guitar is modeled after John Mayer’s famous “The Black One” Strat that he uses on stage.

Only 500 of these guitars were built!  This guitar has built up a ton of buzz, and available stock has quickly sold out within weeks of being released.These guitars have been very hard to find and only rarely pop up for sale.

This guitar has gently been played and is in fantastic condition.  Comes with all original case candy!

Comes with Custom Incase Hard Gigbag.  Guitar features gold hardware and gold neckplate, gold tuners with pearl tuner knobs, and the famous “Big Dipper” pickups.

John Mayer Signature Guitar

The “Your Body Is A Wonderland” performer noted that he strongly feels that artist reps at instrument companies need to have the freedom and authority to experiment and work with artists, without being restrained, because of being obligated to answer to someone else at the company, stifling creativity, advancement and improvements when it comes to manufacturing instruments.

Mayer addressed Boak, saying, “You have the keys to the company. It’s really important for the artist reps to have the keys to the company.” He added, “That’s how great instruments are made, and great relationships are made with artists.”

The Martin 00-45SC John Mayer Edition’s top inlay typically circles around the tongue of the fingerboard extending toward the rosette. Its design also has pearl inlay edging along the sides of the fretboard, which extends directly with miter joints into the rosette. The inlay motif of the three-ring Style 45 rosette is perfectly patterned as a matching inlay on the higher surface of the fingerboard, offers the illusion of complete continuing circles.

The 1902 alternate “torch” design is featured on its headstock in blue paua.


Mayer explained of his intent in working with Martin to create the new custom signature guitar, “It fulfills the need, and sharing it with collectors.” He elaborated, “I do feel the guys over at Martin who build those guitars are artisans, and I know that it’s a tough world out there right now in terms of the economy, and people not getting their worth for what they do.” He praised of Martin’s attention placed on quality and detail, noting, “Even in the Twenties, there were still people that built very ornate, beautiful things, because that’s what artists do. So this guitar represents that dedication at all times to furthering artistry.”