John Mayer Black Strat

-Alder body, 60s deep contours
-60s style neck, clay dots, truss rod adjustment at heel
-Neck contour is a standard C, 6105 size frets
-Nitro paint used only
-Gold hardware, I think every screw is gold too
-Pete Biloft Vintage Vibe Shorty Pickups

Here’s what I don’t like… The maker of the body (B. Hefner Co., from ebay, DON’T buy from them..) cut the neck pocket too shallow. After their lack of customer service, I had to route the pocket myself. I did a pretty good job, except I slipped near the edge, and cut about 1.5mm too deep about the last 3mm of the pocket (see pics, I tried to get it clearly), and the sides of the pocket were also enlarged, so the neck has clearance on either side. I’m not sure how I’d fix this. It was my first time using a router, give me a break LOL!

And also another thing I fault on the maker is the neck.. The truss rod isn’t funtional as far as I can tell. It may work a little bit, but I think it’s loose or frozen. Acoustically, I can hear it rattle around when playing w/o an amp, but that of course doesn’t come through the amp. With that said, I’ve got it set up with 11’s and there is about .007″ of relief, pretty close to Fender specs. I’m not sure if going down in guage would screw up the relief.

It plays really well and the pickups kick. They’re very similar to the Fender CS54’s, except with a RWRP middle pickup. I’ve included some pictures and Youtube videos. Let me know what you think (about the guitar, not my weak playing skills…).

I’m probably going to put this guitar up on eBay in a day or two. This is the LAST one I’ll probably ever build. I’m moving into an apartment in downtown Milwaukee, and will have no place to paint anymore (fumes are toxic). Please don’t email me asking for me to build one, because it’s physically impossible for me to do anymore. But I’ll try to offer my help in building your own ones.

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