John Mayer Black 1

One of those limited 83 guitars came into the shop the other day. The owner wanted the black one’s setup to be copied and put on his other strats.

It’s a nice sounding guitar. And the pickups sound nothing like the production model jm big dippers. more mids i thk* then again, i only tested it thru a carr rambler, but it doesnt sound more mid scooped than any other strat.

It’s a standard c profile maybe very slightly bigger. He uses some sort of insulation wire behind the 3 high saddles and I thk it mutes the high end. ala SRV?
If anyone is interested, I have his exact setup specs. (assuming of course that fender got it right)

neck relief – 0.008″

string height (at 12th fret)
6 and 5 – above 1.5mm
4 and 3 – a bit above 1.5mm
2 and 1 – 1.5 mm

neck – bass 4.5mm, treble above 3.5mm
middle – bass 4mm, treble above 3mm
bridge – bass 3.5mm, above 2.5mm

trem claw – 11mm from body to where the scrw meets the claw. 5 springs installed.

i’m no JM fan but its a great guitar. very medium weight wood, resonates well. even has this nice wood smell, if that makes any sense.
i would buy it if it was $2k lol, but i think it can be made iprovided you know what you’re doing

pardon the crappy iphone 3gs camera yikes

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